Private Practice

Private Practice

Paul and Tessa also offer private lessons to anyone seeking to apply the Alexander Technique in daily life or within their professional activities. Instead of using terms like treatment, therapist and patient we talk about lesson, teacher and student when speaking of Alexander Technique.

The lesson is usually taught on a one-to-one basis. Working with simple activities such as walking, getting in and out of a chair or lying down, the teacher will use his or her hands to guide the student while simultaneously giving verbal instructions.
Students will become more aware of unnecessary habitual tension, and to learn consciously to co-operate with a more natural and coordinated use of themselves. Once the student has sufficient mastery of the principles, teachers may also look at particular relevant activities such as working at a desk, playing a musical instrument, walking up and down the stairs, running, sleeping positions etc.

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Practical information

Paul and Tessa give private lessons from Monday to Thursday between 4pm and 6pm, by appointment. Lessons last 45 minutes and cost 75 Euro (incl. VAT).

In lessons we become aware of the force of our habits. It may help at the beginning to have one or two lessons a week. As the student becomes more at home with the principles, the frequency can be reduced. In general, students need 10-20 lessons to be able to apply the principles effectively in their daily lives.

No special clothing is needed provided that movement is not restricted.

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Workshops & Group Sessions

We also teach workshops on a one day, weekend or week’s basis. These are for small or large groups and can be adapted to their specific interests and backgrounds.
It is possible for companies or institutions to create an ‘Alexander package' suited to their needs with one or more teachers from the Centre.


Contact the Alexander Technique Centre Amsterdam for more information or to make an appointment.

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