Post-Graduate study

We are happy to take post-graduate students whenever there is space available from a few days to a term or more. They are included in the daily timetable as full time students and receive attention adapted to their level of experience.

Many teachers with different styles often use similar words and phrases to describe what they are doing, and yet the hands-on experience can seem at times surprisingly different.

When following a post-graduate study, we give the teacher individual attention and show our more in-depth approach to the subtlety and clarity of our 'hands-on' work and practical teaching.

Our thorough grounding and structured approach to our teacher training can be refreshing and enriching for teachers from all traditions and backgrounds.

Past participants have found our work very enriching and nourishing for their individual growth as Alexander Teachers.

The costs are 60 euro per day (incl.VAT).

Paul & Tessa