Review of Paul & Tessa’s workshops for the AmSAT AGM, June 2005

Tessa Marwick and Paul Versteeg’s workshop entitled “Poise, Intension, Stillness and Movement” was a masterful integration of stillness in movement and vitality in stillness, using the basic principles of inhibition and direction. We ‘stop’ to know where we are, we know where we are coming from, find our feet, and leave ourselves alone. We walk in various patterns trusting our directions, being aware of others in space, using moving intertwining circles, forwards and backwards. Now our arms are out wide, lifted by an easy expanding back. Overcoming the challenges of transitions, we find ourselves opening,supported. Building on simple beginnings we move in two's – how important is that peripheral vision. Lead with the eyes! Approach the other widening! Now One is leader, now the Other. How clear the intension needs to be. Moving in the pattern of infinity we synchronize completely, effortlessly – as if we are being walked!

Now we are a group moving as one. Unity of the self gives us unity of the group.

We breathe easily. The subtleties are eloquent! We are all smiling!

“We see it as a training of presence” Tessa and Paul explained.

No matter what our level of experience, this workshop was uplifting. The change in each one of us was clear to see: without doing, stiffening or setting. With harmony and humor, Tessa and Paul incorporated all the essentials of Alexander’s work and illustrated in very simple way its potential in such spheres as personal relationships and group dynamics. However the most inspiring outcome of working this way became evident in my teaching. It was another confirmation that one’s work (and quality of life) is only as good as one’s use. Tessa and Paul enhanced for all of us that all-important, powerful-yet-quiet, intriguing dynamic so essential in The Lesson, which they built from poise, intention, stillness and movement.

Carol Gill Malik